Installation & Care

Day 1

Place your Nucleus Honey Bee colony, still in the Jester EZ Nuc box, in their permanent location for one day.

Day 2

Remove the frames from the Jester EZ Nuc box placing the frames in the hive body in the same order they were in the Jester EZ Nuc box

*Inspect your bees as you transfer them from the Jester EZ Nuc box to your beekeeping equipment. Further and continued inspections can be detrimental to your queen and hive’s viability.

**Be careful to not squish the queen and remember to Feed them!

Other materials you may require:
  • Protective clothing
  • Hive tool & Smoker
  • Hive boxes to place your nuc in.


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Winterizing your Honey Bee Hives

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