Our Nucleus Honey Bee colonies contain all of the essential components of the interior of a colony.

Our Nucs

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5 Frame Honey Bee Nucs in Jester EZ Nuc box with:

  • An established and laying queen with bees to cover brood.
  • 3 Frames with brood to equal a minimum of 2 full frames of brood.
  • 1 Frame with feed and 1 frame for growth.
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Our Nucs

We are Manitoba beekeepers, with years of experience, ready to discuss beekeeping with you!

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Why Buy a Nuc?

  • A nuc is an operational hive sooner than starting with a package.
  • Our Manitoba bees mean proven success in the Manitoban climate
  • A nuc includes beekeeping equipment you will need.
Our Nucs

Interested in ordering bees for 2025?

We want to know! We start growing next years bees on June 1st, 2024!
Provide your name, email address, and the number of nucs you are looking at purchasing in 2025 and you will receive advance notification when our 2025 nucs go on sale.

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